Interview with: Leon Edler


What did you do before you became an illustrator?
I had a million jobs but nothing serious.

what is the reason you became an illustrator?
I always wanted to create stuff, whether it was writing or drawing. And my motivation has always been comedy. I don’t like working with other people and I don’t like working for somebody else, but I assumed that I would have to accept that problem. I won a couple of awards for my cartoons while at university (I studied linguistics) and started to think that I could maybe earn money from my drawing and ideas, so I started spending my free time on my art and very slowly it became a career.

How did you got your assignment when you started as a illustrator?
Like I said in my other email. A strong consistent folio online and sending hundreds of posters, postcards and emails to ADs.
did you had a portfolio before you started?
Yes. A website, tumblr etc. But I think it is important to only contact ADs with a link to your work when you are completely satisfied with it. If it’s not ready, wait.

Do you work for the same clients or do you get new/other clients for every assignment?
I have a regular cartoon in the Guardian and I do a regular illustration for the New York Times. Everything else is whatever people ask me to do.

Do you have an idol en where do get inspired from?
I have lots of idols. Steinberg, Barsotti, Eastern European graphic design, Hoffnung, Sasek, Jordan awan, andy rementer, Greg Clarke… I feel inspired by all of those guys, but it’s hard to know where ideas come from.

Which platform gives you the most assignment?The Guardian.

what do you do when you have no inspiration for an assigment?
If I can, take a break. Look at it the next day. If I can’t, I just have to keep working!

interview by J. Diepa September 2016

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