Vision & Mission Statement

“The Willem de Kooning academy (WdKA) sees it as her mission to educate its students to become the creative pioneers that the economy requires them to be and to prepare them for an international market (”.

Core values WdKA: Entrepeneurship, Research, Collaboration, International

This mission statement and its core-values have been translated to the department of Illustration within the WdKA as followed:

Students of the department of illustration at the WdKA learn to work and study together as a community. Within that community the department recognizes the rich learning opportunities with individuals and groups of varied backgrounds and interests in illustration. We do not offer specialization into specific branches of illustration. We believe that by embracing diversity within the department, we can create a more creative environment in which students can choose their own direction. The focus within the department is in three specific area’s of Illustration: Narrative-illustration, Informative-Illustration, and Opinionated-Illustration.

Core values department of Illustration: research, collaboration, market-driven, international

The department of Illustration offers its students the following:

– Become a practicing visual designer; illustrator.

– Develop a personal specialization and innovative market strategy.

– Become self-directed professional with a strong network of multidisciplinary partners.

– Become a critical reflector of visual culture.